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What is Virtual Marketing Stall (vstall) ?

Virtual marketing stall (vsall) is a place/platform in where you would place your official page/channel/website/products links and get promoted for free.

  • Your Organizations’ official facebook page would get more likes, twitter page  more following and youtube channel   more subscriptions.
  • Products credentials (i.e. name, description, image, URL links etc) would be shared  or twitted many times by different customer around the world.
  • As well as website Credentials(i.e. name, description, Banner Image, URL etc) would be shared or twitted.

 How does it work ?

We have lots and lots web traffic  originated from the end users and Visitors around the world.

They Find your page/channel/products they needed and like/follow/subscribe/ and shared or tweeted the products.

If a person likes your page, the Friends of His/Her also knows the notification in their Facebook wall. And then your page gets more chance to be liked/shared.

We have just two Steps for the ones who want effective and resultant marketing  their official and personal pages  with free of cost and paid. Please see our paid plans.

You have to select one system and go through to register. If you want Free online Marketing system, go through Free marketing system and register. And If you want Paid Online Marketing System, go through Paid online marketing system and register.

 What happens when you place your Virtual marketing Stalls for Free or Paid ?

You would  effectively and resultantly increase your page likes/ following /subscription and also products  got shared or tweeted.

Our team observes for the valid likes/following/ subscription or Products Shared/Tweeted by the users and visitors and moderates them.

 We hope that you will be pleased and feel a very useful virtual stall for marketing your organization.

You are not only the marketer but also the targeted customer. So give a little and get more.

Give and take method is only applied for those who place the virtual marketing stall for free.

For the Paid Customer, We have Many plans for  the  Effective and resultant virtual marketing. So that your product stalls  gets more shared/tweeted  or official page gets more like/follow/subscription from the customer around the world. It does not require give and take method. It all happens from a very small amount of your donation.


Do you want your facebook page, twitter page, youtube channel  or Products details in any URL got promoted with Free of cost ?

  1. First, Log in to Facebook or twitter or Youtube or any Social Networking Website(e.g. )
  2. Come to the Virtual Sansar Marketing Center (i.e. )
  3. Like/Follow/Subscript/Share   Some of the  Useful Pages/channel/Products or Website
  4. Select  required no. of Stalls and submit.
  5.  Remember Submission No.

Now,  Post your own Valuable (Page/channel/Products or website links)  with required details and submission no. for free virtual marketing.

Important!  All the Submitted Page/Channel/Product items will be verified if they are liked/followed/shared/subscripted etc or not. So  Please Provide an exact social site user detail in the Virtual Detail Address book (eg. ; user: Otherwise no action will be taken towards your vstall.

  1. All the Pages or Channel or Products, you selected should be liked/ followed/subscripted/ or shared .
  2. Now your  Virtual Marketing Stall (Vstall)will be created for free.
  3. If your Page/channel/Product Credentials stays for  more duration and with an appropriate  weightage rank(i.e easily accessible by user), it gets more likes/Following/Subscription and the product shared/tweeted. 
  1. The display Position/Duration of Your Virtual Stalls for the Valuable Page/Channel/Products depends on your periodic  activity. Stay submitting  unique stalls with valid likes/following/subscription/sharing/tweeting and change your stall’s weightage rank and duration time.
  2. This system runs with give  and take methods. But Give Little and GET MORE…
  3. If you select and submit more Pages/Channels/Products with giving valid likes/followings/subscriptions or sharing,  your valuable page gets more chance to increase the  Weightage rank. Just provide the  re-submission no. and your vstall’s url to update your vstall’s weightage rank and duration.
  4. Changing the page Weight age means changing the Marketing Stalls’ position at top and increase duration of displaying.
  5. If your Virtual Marketing Stalls are at top position, they are very accessible for  the end users and visitors who like/Follow/Subscribe/ or Share your Valuable Facebook/Twitter page, Youtube channel or Any Products

 For The Paid Customer We have many plans according to:..

  1. Duration : Duration means the no. of days(Time frame) in which your virtual stalls will be displayed.
  2. * Total no:  This means No. of Page Like/Following/Subscription/Products Sharing/Tweeting with regards your vstall.
  3. Stall location: this means where your stalls displays. i.e. home page/category page or sub category page.
  4. Display Position: Your Virtual Stall display should be easily accessible among other stalls. So it should be display at top or nearly top position rather than other stalls.

Display Positions are:
 a. Top rank : displays at top position.
 b. Medium rank :  Below the position of top rank.                                                                                              c.Low rank  : Just below the position of Medium rank.              

The First page with the top rank(A) means with the weightage(weightage is the unit of rank for display position)  starting value from 100 to some extend

The  first page with the top rank(B) means with the weightage of Decreased starting value from 1000

The weightage between 500 to 599 is low ranked and displayed in the middle of the virtual marketing stall pages.

Ranking and weightage system according to the Stall Display Position:


Weight age

Top Rank (A)


Top Rank (B)

1000-800 (decreased Weightage)

Medium Rank (A)


Medium Rank (B)


Low rank






Do you want your facebook page, twitter page, youtube channel  or Products details in any URL got promoted with a  little budget ?


  1. 1.       Not necessary to be logged in social networking sites.
  2. 2.       Not necessary to submit others vstalls.
  3. 3.       Easy process

Just two steps :

1. Select plan and

 2. Provide  Valuable (Page/channel/Products or website links)  with required details and

     confirmation no. of selected plan.

 Our Plans Are:

  1. Bronze
  2. Silver
  3. Gold
  4. Platinum